Addiction Workforce Research in WAVE

Workforce in Addiction · Valorisation in Europe

WAVE Mapping studies

WAVE research will address knowledge gaps and challenges which impact on addiction workforce planning and care outcomes, such as: a lack of harmonised, comparable cross-country data on service provision and quality standards; scarce data on the nature / structure of the EU addictions workforce and factors affecting recruitment and retention; fragmented information on training and education for professionals.


WAVE Stakeholder Survey

We are looking for expert stakeholders in addictions (from varied backgrounds or contexts, prevention, treatment, harm reduction, social support and integration) to collaborate in our research by completing the WAVE Stakeholder Survey, with sections on:

  • A. Your professional profile
  • B. Governance of addictions in your country
  • C. The addictions workforce in your country – roles and availability of professionals
  • D. Standards/guidelines for care provision in your country
  • E. Occupational standards/guidelines in your country
  • F. Quality standards for training of addictions workforce in your country

You can access the WAVE Stakeholder Survey here:

WAVE will employ desktop research, multi-stakeholder consultation and participatory co-production processes to:

    • map key characteristics and actions at different organisational levels of the addictions workforce, in Europe and beyond;
    • work on a broad framework for training and workplace quality standards, and guiding principles for European workforce development; and
    • develop a cutting edge and academically relevant topical strand of sessions for the Lisbon Addictions 2024 conference.

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